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Keion Rowell | 9-year-old student | 1990

“I’ll play it for the rest of my life, I guess. There’s nothing I don’t like about it.”

Keion Rowell, 9, of Regent Street in Roxbury, came from a musical family and loved playing the violin. He played about two years by 1990. The violin has become his preferred choice of recreation.
Jacob Hall | 13-year-old student | 1990

“Sometimes there’s nothing else to do around. I like playing basketball but I like playing the violin better.”

Jacob Hall, 13, of Brunswick Street in Roxbury, is a two-year-old veteran of classes at SIB in 1990. He was the kid who went to the gym at the clubhouse while attending SIB violin classes there on Fridays and Saturdays. With other students there, he sometimes performed in the Boston area, including sessions at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority stations.
Hazel Evans | Guardian of 13-year-old student | 1990

“In my family alone, when we have gatherings, I always mention that the kids are playing violins and the families are impressed. They’re good. You actually enjoy them.”

Hazel Evans, the guardian who adopted 13-year-old Jacob Hall, credited SIB for providing an invaluable form of recreation. Besides Jacob, the Evans family was raising four other boys who also were learning to play the violin at SIB. Mrs. Evans believed that SIB encourages the boys aged 7 to 13 to practice at home. Their playing has become a source of pride. She was continually impressed by SIB’s growing relationship with the boys.
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