New Video Lesson Policy And Class Cancellations Due To Coronavirus (COVID-19)
(Updated on Saturday, March 14, 2020)

Out of an abundance of caution, all lessons and classes at the Suzuki Institute of Boston have been cancelled until further notice.  We are offering video lessons using Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, or Skype starting next week.  We are trying out different formats and will be posting additional instructional materials on the website. Video lessons will be by appointment and not necessarily at your regular time.​

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School Policies
Read our statements.
Policies for group class,
individual lessons,
make-up lessons, snow days,
tuition, course withdrawal,
financial aid, and
photo/video release.
Group class

By age and ability.

Students are grouped by age and ability for the weekly group class and Kodály/reading class, which are scheduled consecutively.  All group class assignments are made through the director in consultation with the group class teacher.
Individual lessons

Parents’ role with teachers.

We encourage parents to discuss their child’s progress with the teacher. We furnish the teachers’ home telephone numbers so that this can be done between lessons to prepare for the next lesson. If you have concerns about your lessons, please discuss them with your individual lesson teacher first. If you still have questions that need to be resolved, please contact the director. Do not ask your teacher to study with them privately, because teachers are prohibited from soliciting or accepting students they teach or meet at the Suzuki Institute for lessons outside the school. This applies for one year after the teacher leaves the school. Exceptions must be discussed with the director in advance. When the director finds out later, it reflects badly on everyone and can affect the teacher’s professional standing at the school. We ask all parents to follow this process.
Make-up lessons

In case of student absences, no make-up lessons will be given.

In case of teacher absence or an official school cancellation due to bad weather, lessons will either be made up or a tuition credit given. In case of student absences, make-up lessons will not be given. In the case of long-term illness or religious holidays, a leave of absence can be negotiated with the director. Students who use a payment plan must pay for the weeks that they miss. This allows us to provide a consistent professional work environment for our teachers.
Snow days

Notify via phone and website. ​​

Classes will not be held when Brookline schools are closed On Saturdays, a message will be on the Suzuki Institute answering machine at 617-566-0002 and at if classes are cancelled.  If weather is bad, please call before coming to class.  If there is no message, there will be classes.

Due before first lesson of the semester.

Tuition is due before the first lesson of the semester unless other arrangements have been made in advance with the director. Students who pay weekly must pay two weeks in advance. If you are paying monthly, your payment must be received by the school before the 1st of the month. It is very important that tuition payments are on time. There is a non-refundable registration and materials fee of $100.00 each year. Students joining in mid-term pay a pro-rated fee. Additional children in the same family may attend group class for only $220.00 per term.
Individual lesson fees for a 16-week semester including all group classes in West Roxbury:
30 minutes   $1060.00*
45 minutes   $1540.00
60 minutes   $2020.00
Note: tuition is different at different programs because of differing costs and our commitment to outreach programs in Roxbury, Dorchester, Hyde Park, and Mattapan administered by those programs. Contact the director for details.

80% refund if unused before the fourth lesson.

80% of the unused tuition will be refunded if you decide to withdraw before the fourth lesson and notify the director in writing. Otherwise, no tuition refunds are given. In case of long-term illness, disability, or childbirth, a leave of absence is negotiable.
Financial aid

Available to ones in need.

Some financial aid is available. Please call the director for information. We believe that every student who really wants to study should have the opportunity. Scholarship students are asked to pay at least part of the fee and help the school in some way.
Photo/Video release

For educational purposes. Website, promotional and publication use.

The Suzuki Institute of Boston may photograph or videotape classes or recitals for educational purposes, website, promotional and publication use. If you would prefer you or your child not be photographed or videotaped, please inform the director with a brief written statement.