New Video Lesson Policy And Class Cancellations Due To Coronavirus (COVID-19)
(Updated on Saturday, March 14, 2020)

Out of an abundance of caution, all lessons and classes at the Suzuki Institute of Boston have been cancelled until further notice.  We are offering video lessons using Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, or Skype starting next week.  We are trying out different formats and will be posting additional instructional materials on the website. Video lessons will be by appointment and not necessarily at your regular time.​

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Studio Policies
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Guidelines for lesson and group class.
Recitals. Graduation and its levels.
Individual lesson | Group class

Teacher is in charge. Show respect.

The teacher is in charge of the lesson and class. Please show him/her courtesy and respect. One parent is asked to attend each lesson and group class unless excused in advance by the teacher. Do not drop off students at the lesson or class without a parent or responsible adult or leave them while you do errands. Please watch carefully for ideas that will help you teach your child at home. Please do not talk or read during the lesson or class; you will miss many details.
Individual lesson | Group class

Parents control children’s discipline.

Parents are responsible for disciplining their own child. Parents should not attempt to discipline children from other families except to prevent an immediate injury. In the hallways, you can help by giving general reminders not to run or make noise.
Individual lesson | Group class

Parents should not interrupt individual lessons.

Please do not interrupt individual lessons.  Wait until the end of the lesson or write a note to the teacher and quietly hand it to them. When you arrive, knock on the door and wave to let them know you are there. The teacher decides when to start and end each lesson.
Individual lesson | Group class

Parents should not criticize children.

Criticizing your child in lessons or group class distracts the child and they soon look to the parent instead of the teacher during the class.
Individual lesson | Group class

Welcome other kids but bring them away if disturbing.

Parents are welcome to bring other children to class but please stay within an arm’s length of them and take them into the hall if they start to make noise before they disturb the class.  You can help by bringing quiet things for them to do, like coloring.
Individual lesson | Group class

No food is allowed.

There is no chewing gum, eating, or drinking in any lesson or class.  Food may be eaten in the waiting rooms before or after lessons.​​

Solo and group. Fall and Spring.

There are solo and group recitals in the fall and spring. The solo recital provides a positive and supportive way to build confidence and pride in each student. The goal is to select a piece that the student can play well, with enthusiasm and confidence. This is not necessarily their most advanced piece. Review for mastery at each level means that everyone has a number of pieces that can be played very well. For young students, this may be playing a rhythm on an open string or simply taking a bow in front of the audience. Your private teacher must approve solos by the deadline listed in the newsletter.

Certificate for each level.

Students who have completed the work at a given level (see below) are eligible to receive a certificate. Teachers recommend students for graduation and the director hears them play their pieces with the recordings. Students can pass the test in stages, over a period of time if necessary. They must be able to play all of the pieces at their level and all previous levels with the accompaniment recordings from memory without significant mistakes on the first attempt. This means that review of old pieces is a continuous process, not last-minute graduation preparation.

Violin Graduation Levels:

Level 1:
String crossing exercises, A major scale

Level 2:
Twinkle (play all variations with CD)

Level 3:
Early Book 1 (up to “Perpetual Motion”)

Level 4:
Book 1 (all pieces in Book 1)

Level 5:
Book 2 (all pieces in Books 1 and 2)

Level 6:
Book 3 (all pieces in Books 1–3)

Level 7:
Book 4 (all pieces in Books 1–4)